Ixpress v96c digital back

Ixpress v96c digital back

1.443,75  (without VAT 1.155,00 )

Hasselblad digital back , model Ixpress v96c – design for the V-system.

Comes with 40 Gb Imagebank, link cable and new IR-filter.

Sold with 3-months warranty.


About Ixpress v96c

Power and Freedom: 
The Ixpress V96C provides the power and freedom to capture your best images from an entire world of subjects. On location, you can take a new high resolution shot every two seconds and keep shooting for up to 1150 images.

Computer Free Operation: 
The Ixpress V96C provides up to eight hours of constant computer free shooting on a single charge, up to 1150 image storage capacity, two inch color preview display with image browsing and ultra fast zooms. Audio exposure feedback uses sound to signal the exposure result without requiring that you look away from the view.nder. When you return to the studio, your computer shows an automatic contact sheet, with active image browsing and 100 images transferred every 2.5 seconds.

Ixpress Image Bank: 
With storage capacity of up to 1150 high resolution images and power for up to 8 hours of constant shooting, the Ixpress Image Bank makes the whole world your studio. To ensure maximum shooting speed throughout its lifetime, the storage media is specially sectored and formatted to prevent fragmentation. Using the Image Bank is easy because you never need to plug in into a wall socket. When connected to your computer, it takes power straight from the FireWire cable. While on the road it can be powered with a standard L-size rechargeable battery.

Powerful and easy-to-use FlexColor Software (free download from Hasselblad): 
Perfect shots have never been easier to take. With easy-to-use tools, full process color manag ement, fast preview downloads, and a large output accurate preview, you can easily control your capture. No surprises await you when you open your images in Photoshop or roll them off the press.

DDC Technology:
In a digital camera it is vital to keep the CCD as cool as possible. Electronically generated heat not only represents wasted energy drained from your batteries, but it also creates noise in your images, thereby limiting the dynamic range, density and image quality. Thanks to its unique Double Duration Circuit technology (patent pending), the Ixpress V96C runs more than twice as cool as similar digital backs, giving you cleaner images, true 16bit color depth and double the battery life.

3F, the digital original: 
The award winning 3F .le format gives you an excellent opportunity to create a new digital work.ow that enables you to re-purpose your images over and over again without ever altering the quality of your original captures.