I am not from Denmark – How can I get my digital back repaired?

B23 repair most Hasselblad and Imacon camera, digital backs and scanners from around the world. Your are welcome to contact us directly or contact one of our many business partner around the world.

Find name and address under Find business partner“.

What is the typical repair time?

Our average repair time (also called Turn Around Time) is 3 working days.

We advise our customer to contact us before returning equipment near holidays seasons if repair time is critical as our Turn Around Time may be longer.


SCSI scanner to USB or Firewire interface

Imacon Precision with SCSI interface cannot be upgrade or modified to USB or Firewire interface. It is possible to use adapters to SCSI, like the Thunderbolt and similar but B23 cannot assist, support or recommend any particular solutions.

We recommend our customers to search the Internet for  further information.

Does B23 sell new power units for Precision scanner

Yes – B23 can offer new power units for the Precision scanners. However, plese note that the original Protek PUP55-32 is no longer in production. As replacement we use the PUP60-32 was equivalent performance but slightly different specifications.

Ticking sound

Ticking sound from the scanner is a known problem, typical caused from electrical problems with the switch mode power unit or a defective mainboard.
However if the scanner does have power, then check and clean the SCSI connection. Use a small rubber eraser and put it under the scsi contact,(so it pushed the contact slightly outwards) and clean – sounds strange but seem to do the work!


Adapter SW needs updating, connect external power supply

The problem can be related to a memory card which is not supported. Make sure to removed the CF memory card before powering up the digital back.