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Lens Cleaning Tissues, 150 pieces

15,00  (incl. VAT 18,75 )


Dirty lens a feature of your camera?

There can be nothing worse when trying to take photographs of beautiful scenary, fantastic creatures and objects or trying to capture those valuable family moments, for your lens to be covered in thick dust or nasty smudges, marks and fingerprints. This can significantly affect your visual ability to see what you are taking a picture of and can also have an adverse affect on the functionality and lifetime of your camera. With that in mind, you need to ensure that you keep your camera/camcorder clean and Hama has just the product to do that with the Lens Tissue 5 Booklets.

Leave Your Lenses Smear Free and Sparkling!

The Hama Lens Tissue, 5 Booklets does away with solvents, harsh cleaning products and messy liquids which can leave ugly and problematic smears that ruin the photo quality. Just use the soft and gentle Hama Lens Tissues to remove any large dirt or dust particles. Using these tissues allows you to follow the contours of the lens, allowing the gentle removal of grime that has accumulated in the hard to reach places. Furthermore, this set comes with 5 booklets, each consisting of 30 tissues, which ensure these will last you for a long while and are compact, making them the ideal accessory to have in every camera bag. Pack these compact lens tissues from Hama in your camera bag and keep your camera lens clean no matter where you are!